Vinnie Soucar

Vinnie Soucar started in floor covering way back in 1965, working for Homsany Brothers’ on Summit Street in Pawtucket. In 1967 Vinnie went out on his own, installing for Schwartz Furniture on Broad Street, Pawtucket. Over the years he installed Carpet for Columbia Furniture, Young’s Furniture (both in Pawtucket), Rialto Furniture on Federal Hill and Palano Carpets on Plainville Street Providence. Then in the 80’s he installed for Roitman’s Furniture on South Main Providence. In 1986 he opened his retail store offering quality materials to compliment his superior installation and craftsmanship.

Anthony Soucar

I believe that installation of your new floor is the most important thing we do.. Whether you spend  1 dollar a sqaure foot or a hundred, that new floor won’t last if not properly installed.

Some places give the installation away; saying “It’s Free!” I think this makes you the customer believe the install is not important and has no value. This is why those places only guarantee their work for 1 year. We guarentee for five years. That’s how confident we are.

Everyone’s house is different so every project is different, each requiring the keen eyes of over 40 years experience. Let me look at your project and give a free quote. From start to finish, from measure to install, you will deal with me, Anthony Soucar, the owner and operator of Vinnie Soucar Carpets and Floor covering.